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Oil free air compressorsMr.Jeya Baskar is an Engineering Professional with 28 years of Power Plant experience . He obtained his First Class Engineering Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the year 1986 from REC (Regional Engineering College/ presently known as NIT),Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a member in Institute of Engineers, India. From 1986 until 1994, he served in BHEL ( Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd ), India, the only company in the world manufacturing A to Z of Power Plants. During this period, he was involved in commissioning and rehabilitation of various Electrical and C&I Equipment and system in Fossil Fuel Fired Power Plants of capacity varying from 67.5MW , 110/120MW,210MW and 500MW in various parts of India and in Malaysia. To name a few critical and important equipment and system he has handled: Burner Management System, HP/LP Bypass Control System, Secondary Air Control System, Steam Temperature Control System etc., based on pneumatics, electromagnetic relays , solid state and PLCs of various manufacturers namely CE,USA; SULZER AV5;ABB PROCONTROL; SIEMENS TELEPERM C/M/ME, various types of HV breakers, HV motors, Transformers, Protection Relays etc.,

During his service in BHEL, he commissioned many first in India equipment and system like STIEN INDUSTRIE, France make Tube Mills and its very complicated and specialised control system and the entire combustion control system. Moreover, he had a very fortunate experience of working for very demanding customers like TATA Power, Sabarmathi Power and NTPC. As a resultant of such a good novel experience, he was deputed as the youngest Engineer, for a period of almost 3 years to BHEL Prestigious Malaysian Project, a first ever Power Plant Rehabilitation Project with SIEMENS, Germany for the scope of Erection and Commissioning of 4x67.5MW and 3x120MW Power Plant Electrical and C&I system. After completion of that project he accepted an offer and joined a first ever Private Power Plant O&M Company formed in Malaysia in 1994.

From 1995 until 2015, he served in YTL Power Services Sdn Bhd, Malaysia ( a first Operation & Maintenance joint venture company between Siemens and YTL Power, a first IPP in Malaysia ) in one of its Power Plants ( a 404MW Combined Cycle Power Plant) as Maintenance Manager ( Electrical and C&I). He was also a Registered Professional Engineer with Board of Engineers, Malaysia and also a Competent Electrical Engineer ( 275kV) certified by Energy Commission of Malaysia. During this period, he has handled various Electrical and C&I Equipment and system. To name a few critical and important equipment and system he has handled: Siemens make Air Cooled Generators, Black Start/Emergency Diesel Generators, EHV/HV/LV Transformers, Generator/Transformer Protection System, EHV/HV/MV/LV Circuit Breakers, ABB make 11KV Generator Circuit Breakers, AEG make SFC/Excitation System, DENORA, Italy make Electrolysers, UPS/Battery Chargers/Batteries, Siemens make T2000 DCS, S7 based Gas Turbine Protection and Controller system.
During his service as Maintenance Manager he has successfully executed and implemented innovatively various challenging and critical projects, to name a few: upgrade of Generator Protection System, upgrade of plant DCS/GT/ST/HRB Protection and GT/ST controllers, extension of battery bank life without replacing entire battery bank, cost effective equivalent replacement of OEM make system and equipment like DENORA, Italy make Electrolysers, extending life of Electrolysers more than its designed life of 5years etc,. Being a pioneer of the maintenance team of the company, he has extensively involved in the formation and optimization of various maintenance procedures/ practices including very critical National Black Out Operation procedure with his extensive power plant experience and also by using RCM ( Reliability Centered Maintenance) and WIT ( Work Improvement Team) concepts.
During his tenure as Resident Competent Electrical Engineer ( 275kV), he set and maintained a record of 100% safe switching of EHV/HV/MV/LV system by himself and also by all his staff by training them through strict and flawless training methods. He had an opportunity to face all the three so far occurred national Black Outs in Malaysia and bring up the plant where he served as the first plant to get ready for synchronization to the grid of the specific island.
During his tenure as Maintenance Manager, he has been a very successful troubleshooter of many critical problems in the plant Electrical and C&I system. As a result, the availability of the plant has always been very high in the order of more than 95% with many times zero trip operation of the plant annually.

As part of Maintenance Manager duty, he has extensively faced numerous ISO 9001,ISO14001, Malaysian Energy Commission audits and risk survey audits by insurers like FM Global.
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